Supplements Dosage

Dosage : The Power of “Every Day”

Best Hearts Supplements need to be taken with right dosageDuring my studies on supplements dosage, I notice that ginseng and notoginseng are sometimes used as medicine or tonic as well. The amount I take will determine if ginseng is going to work as a medicine or as a tonic or as a daily supplement inside the body.

Dosage control is important because whatever we take, it go through the liver right after they are digested. If we take too much supplements, it stresses the liver. Same go for taking medicine. The liver is like a filter. The dosage of any medicine we take have to be large enough to pass through the liver before they can be effective to cure the targeted illness. This is one of the reasons why I am rather cautious about taking non-herbal supplements. I don’t want to strain my liver unnecessarily.

When my 84 year old dad experienced the boost in energy after he consumed 600mg of American ginseng daily, he decided to increase the intake to 1200mg per day. While no harm is done with that increase, I explain to him that I introduce ginseng to him as a supplement, not as a medicine or tonic. The most important point of taking supplement is not how much, but how often; not the intensity but the regularity.

Taking smaller amount every day is far more effective than taking larger amount but in a sporadic manner.

This is the power of “Every Day” in keeping a healthy heart for healthy aging.


Ladies are recommended not to take notoginseng during monthly menstruation period. This is because notoginseng improves blood circulation which works against ladies during these few days of the month. Ginseng is NOT suitable for teenagers and young adults. This is because this group of people are still developing and growing. There are already a lot of energy in the body to support the growth. We don’t have to introduce excess energy with ginseng.

Other than that, if you are at your 40s and beyond like me, I recommend taking American ginseng and notoginseng on a daily basis to stay healthy and to age healthily. From my study, less than 1000mg/day of American ginseng is fine for most of us whereas less than 3000mg/day for notosginseng is suggested. It works very well for me for the past 3 to 4 years. I am sure it will work for you. Happy aging !!