Two Basic Elements

I am always overwhelmed by the choices of supplements available in the market. To find out what are the best heart supplements, I tried different one whenever I come across something new. I soon come to my senses that I can’t be taking so many kinds of supplement to stay healthy. There must be a better solution. There must be some basic elements or foundation for supplements to be effective.

After years of trying and researching, I concluded that I only need to take 600mg of American ginseng and 1200mg of Notoginseng before breakfast every day.

 Why do I come to this conclusion ?

Before we can enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, nutritious foods and supplements, we need to strengthen two basic elements of our bodies. Without a good foundation of these two basic elements, we can’t go very far in building a healthy body.

These two basic elements of the body are :

(a) energy

(b) fluid

Energy is more than just lifting weights. It is not only where we draw our physical strength but also where we draw our mental alertness and emotional stability. These are 3 main pillars of our overall well beings. Energy in our body is known as “chi” in Chinese Medicine (yes, it does remind me of KongFu Panda as well). When we are before 40 years old, we can feel the vibrancy in us. Unfortunately, due to hectic working life or poor choices of unhealthy lifestyle, this energy diminishes rather quickly especially when we go beyond 40 years old. We need to keep this energy vibrant so that we can stay active (physical strength), vigilant (mental alertness) and steadfast (emotional stability). Without it, we can have bulky muscles but very short attention span; or we can stay focus on our work but feeling depressed most of the time.

Energy or “chi” is the basic of the basic in staying healthy.


Fluid inside our bodies primarily refers to our blood. In addition, it also includes our bone marrow, perspiration and other fluids that moisturize our bodies. More than 60% of the human adult body is water. Studies show that the brain and heart contain more than 70% of water and the lungs are about more than 80%. Most of these water are carried inside the blood which is the medium or agent that carry energy inside our body. Through blood circulation, our body gets its energy and discharge toxic out from it. Without good blood circulation, we will feel giddy, short attention span, look pale, experience dry skin or constipation; just to name some common symptoms.

Both energy and blood needs to work hand-in-hand inside us. I concluded that as long as I can keep my energy vibrant and my blood circulation in good condition, I can stay healthy as I age.

The supplements I take to strengthen my energy is American ginseng and to secure good blood circulation, I take notoginseng. I have been taking them for more than 3 years now. Apart from the physical strength and mental alertness, one other major benefit I notice is that I seldom fall sick; not even a cold or flu. The last time I was down with a flu was at least 2 years ago. These stuffs work.



2 thoughts on “Two Basic Elements

  1. Don Yutuc

    This is a wonderful site and very informative KB! Thanks for the awesome information especially for someone like me who’s slowly creeping up the age ladder! What better way to age healthily… I’m so grateful that I decided to bookmark this for reference. I’m veryimpressed witb your website! I will be stopping by regularly for new content!


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Don

      Yes, indeed. Cost of healthcare is always much lower than “sickcare”.

      It is important to stay healthy as we age. Healthy heart, healthy aging. 🙂



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