What is Notoginseng ?

It is better known as ‘”cleaner of arteries and veins”

Notoginseng is one of the best heart supplements


Notoginseng belongs to the same genus Panax family as American or Chinese ginseng. However, origin of ginseng are in the north whereas notoginseng’s origin is in the south. In fact, “notoginseng” means ginseng of the south. As explained earlier, locations and processing methods give each type of ginseng its unique characteristics. Thus, notoginseng, also known as Pseudoginseng, tienchi ginseng or sanqi, is very different from other ginsengs.

Here are some of the key differences :

(a) It gained its reputation in improving blood circulation whereas American ginseng is well known for rejuvenating our energy

(b) notoginseng, like Chinese or Korean ginseng, introduces excess “heat” to the body but American ginseng does not

(c) It has higher medical components than its American cousin. Its flowers, stems and leaves are used as supplements as well. However, we only use the roots of American ginseng as supplement.

Notoginseng : The most sought after supplement

We can stay healthy only when nutrients are able to deliver effectively to various parts of our bodies. We also stay healthy only when toxic materials got discharged out of our bodies regularly. The guy who is doing these jobs of nutrients delivery and detoxification is our blood. Think again about the Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide exchange in the lungs and the detoxification happening in our livers and kidneys. It is not difficult to visualize the importance of the role that our blood play in our lungs, liver and kidney.

When blood circulation is not good, we will experience aching, short attention span or stubborn bruises that refuse to heal. If this deteriorates further,  we will see blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level heading north. The consequences are the infamous coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, strokes among other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular illnesses.

Notoginsenosides in notoginseng promote blood flow by softening and dilating the coronary artery. With notoginseng, not only conditions of the main arteries improve but also that of the elasticity of small capillaries that runs throughout the body. The heart works a lot of easier when the body has soft and elastic arteries and veins. This solves the root cause of many heart related diseases today.

I am a strong believer of taking herbal supplement in its original form. Powered capsule is the best way of taking it. I recommend powdered capsule of not more than 3000mg per day. Read more information on supplement dosage.


Benefits of notoginseng :

(a) Lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps in regulating blood sugar level. This is why notoginseng is given the nickname “cleaner of arteries and veins”.

(b) Relieve stasis pain, swelling and bruises because healing improved with better blood flow.

(c) Anti aging because skin receive better nutrients.

(d) Improve erectile dysfunction condition because it dilates the small capillaries in the penis.

Prevention is better than cure especially for chronic diseases. The cost of healthcare is much much lower than the cost of “sick-care”. Grab one bottle of notoginseng today.