Why American Ginseng ?

Why American ginseng but not Asian ginseng ?

Are you confused by the different kinds of ginseng available in the market ? Do these different types of ginsengs bring different benefits ? Does my body respond differently when I take different kind of American ginseng as heart supplementsginseng ? The more expensive the ginseng, the better it is ? Ginseng powder or ginseng tea ?

Different names of ginseng comes about is due to different ways ginseng are categorized. Let me explain the different ways of grouping ginsengs to give you an idea.

Typically, ginsengs are grouped in 3 ways :

(a) Where are their origins ?

(b) How are they harvested ?

(c) How are they processed after harvest ?

Common examples of grouping by origins are Chinese ginseng, Korean or American ginseng. Of course we can go further details into exact locations/areas where the ginseng is grown. Examples, American Wisconsin ginseng, Chinese Chang Bai Shan ginseng. They are also grouped by the way they are grown/harvested. For examples, wild ginseng are collected from the wild and cultivated ginseng comes from plantation or farm. Combining the two grouping, you will have wild Korean or cultivated Chinese ginseng. Then, we can go by grouping of the processing methods after the ginsengs are harvested. Red ginseng are cleaned, steamed and sun dried. White ginseng are cleaned, boiled and air dried. Combining the locations, the way they are grown plus the way they are processed, you can see why there are so many kinds of ginseng in the market.

While we need not pay too much attention on the details on how ginseng are grouped, it is important to know that the different locations, ways of harvesting and processing methods do give each ginseng its unique characters and benefits. Further, our bodies respond differently to different kinds of ginseng.

There are reasons why I pick American ginseng.

It is long proven that ginseng is very effective in strengthening our energy. When our energy is strong, we feel the drive in us, we stay alert and very stable emotionally. We don’t fall ill easily too (not even flu or cough). It is like our body is enjoying a bright morning sun.

Ginseng as Heart Supplements

     American Ginseng

However, when we have too much energy in our bodies, this bright morning sun in our body becomes a mid-day afternoon sun. It starts to discharge scorching heat inside our body. When this happens, we experience symptoms such as sore throat, ulcers, get agitated easily, difficulty in falling asleep among others.

Ginseng boosts our energy and improves our immune system among other benefits. It gives our bodies the bright morning sun that we want. However, while delivering these benefits, most ginseng has a downside effect of introducing too much energy into our body. It could turn the morning sun that our body enjoys into mid-day afternoon sun discharging too much heat inside our bodies.

Chinese and Korean ginseng has the characteristic of a strong mid-afternoon sun; so does Red ginseng. American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), on the other hand, does not. Its character is very mild compares to Chinese and Korean ginseng. It is a good alternative for some of us who are not able to cope with too much “heat” in our bodies. It delivers the same effect of improving our energy and strengthening our immune systems without the possibility of introducing excess “heat” into our body.

Since I am taking ginseng as a supplement on a daily and long term basis, I decided on American ginseng to avoid the possibility of putting too much “heat” into my body.

I introduced American ginseng to my 84 years old Dad after his operations recently. He experienced the increase in energy and helped in his recovery.



Studies has also confirmed additional benefits of ginseng :

  • Anti-cancer : Ginseng contains ginsenosides that is able to stop the growth of tumor cell
  • Improve sexual performance : this benefit comes from ginseng’s ability to rejuvenate energy
  • Improve mental strength : one report shows that when ginseng was given to mid-night shift workers, their ability to stay focus increased
  • Skin care and anti-aging : because ginseng improves efficiency of blood circulation, the skin is able to receive the nutrients it needed to stay radiant

Taking American ginseng on a regular basis is an effective way of keeping a healthy heart and to age healthily. The best way of taking ginseng is in powder capsules at not more than 1000mg per day. Read more information on supplement dosage.

I strongly recommend you to give it a try.